Chris Umanzor, President

I’m a WWS major from New Jersey and really look forward to the opportunity to serve on USG this next year.  Coming from a diverse background, my goal in working with USG is to try to provide access to opportunities for marginalized and underserved groups on campus, especially the Latinx and First-generation/Low-income communities.  Outside of USG, I also serve on Princeton Latino y Amigos’ Executive Board, volunteer with El Centro, and am a Head Fellow for the Scholars Institute Fellowship Program (SIFP).



Susan Liu, Vice President

I am so excited to represent the Class of 2021 in the USG this year. I hope to be an advocate for my class and to make the USG accessible to everyone. I also seek to increase mental health resources, women's leadership in the faculty, and textbook availability for students on financial aid. Finally, I would like to help implement changes to the school calendar. Outside of USG, I am a member of the Club Sailing team, a copy editor for the Daily Princetonian, and a member of the Student Volunteers Council. Being from Atlanta, I am a huge fan of college football, Chick-fil-a, and peaches. 


Carly Bonnet, Secretary

It's awesome to return as a U-Councilor with USG. In the past I have worked on the Eating Club Referendum Response team and the women's leadership task force, and look forward to continuing work as the team leader of the women's leadership task force. I'm so excited to be involved in USG, as it is a body with such potential for effecting lasting positive change on campus. I am a junior in the economics department, with certificates in finance and environmental studies. On campus I'm also involved in environmental sustainability and serve as an RCA in Wilson. Feel free to send me a message or email -- I would love to hear from you!


Nicole Kalhorn, Treasurer

Hi. I'm Ruby, and I've had the privilege of serving as Class of 2019 Senator for three consecutive terms!! I've worked primarily on the challenges that first-gen, low-income students face on campus, as well as women's leadership empowerment campaigns. I'm a pre-med junior in the MOL department, and I'm also involved in Camp Kesem and breast cancer research. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat or grab a meal!



Chelsea Ng, Social Chair

Hello! My name is Preeti Iyer - I’m a current sophomore forbesian from Atlanta, GA majoring in MAE. I’ve always enjoyed advocating for the interests and goals of large bodies of people, and am excited to work with a fantastic group of people on USG to be able to best serve our incredible student body. Through my work as a U-counciler I hope to bring diverse perspectives to being a connector between the needs of students, the administration, and tangible action; I’m extremely passionate about working on the Menstrual Products Initiative to bring campus wide menstrual products to every restroom.  Outside of USG, I’m on the women’s rugby team, bhangra dance team, and bartend with formal services! 



Alaa Ghoneim, President

I am thrilled and honored to represent the Class of 2020 in the USG Senate this year. As a member of USG my priorities are to increase student involvement, transparency, and clarity in regard to student government, and create a more active and engaged campus that looks outward as well as inward when thinking about progress and reform. I will be working with the Financial Reform Committee and the Transparency Task Force to help accomplish these goals, and I am eager to hear any input that you may have! Outside of USG I work with the Pace Center, specifically Breakout Princeton, to help students engage in service-learning opportunities and will serve as an RCA at Rocky starting next fall! I was born and raised in Nederland, Texas and will do anything for sushi. 


Ellen Scott-Young, Vice President

This semester is about strengthening student rights by empowering student-led organizations. As the leader of the Financial Reform group, I hope to increase funding sources for Projects Board and more generally facilitate funding requests by students. Additionally, I want to tackle the question of how best to improve advising on campus. But more importantly, I absolutely love Wawa, advocacy work, and helping others.  


Ben Musoke-Lubega, Secretary

I am a senior in the Sociology department from Midland, TX and this is my third year on USG! I will be serving as one of the U-Council Chairs as well as a project leader for the Ancillary team.  


Juston Forte, Treasurer

Hi all!  I’m Juston Forte and I’m the Class of 2020 Treasurer.  This year, my goals for the class are to increase class unity and to foster a stronger community among everyone at Princeton.  I'm a WWS major with an emphasis in education policy and am especially interested in the way that education and socioeconomic status interact with each other.  In addition to being the Treasurer, I serve as the Junior chair to the Alcohol Initiative Board, which is a funding source dedicated to funding alcohol-free events for students.  Outside of USG, I help to run the Wilson Ceramics Studio and serve as an RCA in Wilson College.


Jackson Caputo, Social Chair

My name is Miranda, and I am so excited to serve USG for a third year! I am a senior in the History Department, minoring in Judaic Studies and European Cultural Studies. I am excited to serve as a U-Council Chair and project leader for the Ancillary Team, and looking forward to all of the great things we will accomplish this semester!



Emma Parish, President

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I am the President of the Class of 2021. I am from Tenafly, NJ, a cozy suburb of NYC. I am a prospective Woody Woo major, with the hopes of one day becoming a Diplomat. Outside of Class Gov, I help to organize PMUNC (Princeton’s Model UN Conference for high school students), I am an Orange Key Tour Guide, and I am a SHARE Peer.


Sanjana Duggirala, Vice President

Hello, my name is Sanjana I’m so honored to represent the lovely Class of 2021 as Vice President! I look forward to another year of making this campus a home for all of us. I’m from East Windsor, NJ, and am a potential Philosophy major planning to pursue a certificate in Global Health Policy. Outside of USG, I am involved with Orientation Leaders and the Princeton University Energy Association, among a few others. Please reach out to me for any reason, as I would LOVE to get to know you!


Kavya Chaturvedi, Secretary

Hello! My name is Kavya, and I’m so excited to represent the Class of 2021 as our Class Secretary. I’m a prospective Woody Woo major from Miami, Florida. Outside of Class Gov, I’m a member of the Projects Board committee, Princeton Women’s Alliance, and the Princeton Debate Panel. I also enjoy taking naps, eating acai bowls, and helping friends come up with Instagram captions.


Arielle Mindel, Treasurer

Hey my name’s Arielle and I’m the 2021 Class Treasurer. I’m a Psychology major from Cherry Hill, NJ (right outside Philadelphia). When I’m not class gov-ing, I’m usually attending meetings for Chabad, The Breadfast Club, CONTACT, Women’s Center name it. In my free time, you can find me online shopping for room decor, baking cookies for my friends, or making cringe-worthy puns.


Phoebe Park, Social Chair

Hey, I’m Phoebe Park from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I am the Class of 2021 Social Chair. I am in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department with interests in International Development and Transportation and Infrastructure Policy. When I am not working with the amazing group of 2021 female leaders, I sing a cappella with the Katzenjammers, organize events with Princeton Electronica, and look for new places to travel.