The USG Projects Board is the main funding source for all ODUS, ORL and PACE center groups on campus. However, PBoard wears many hats – in addition to being a funding body, we’re also event planners and advisors to the groups who apply. PBoard funds events as small as study breaks and as large as multi-day conferences, and everything in between.

Groups applying to PBoard are encouraged start planning their event in advance, and to reach out to us beforehand for advice on all aspects of the event – brainstorming, publicizing, efficient budgeting, organizing venues, or anything else involved in making an event happen on campus. The co-chairs can be reached at pboard@princeton.edu with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Read the Projects Board Charter.



Decisions on project grants are typically released within a few hours of the interviews. The Projects Board distributes funds from many sources, including ODUS, the Office of the Vice President of Campus Life, and the USG itself.

Should we vote to allocate over $1,000 of the USG’s funds to your event, we must get approval from the USG Senate, which meets most Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm in Robertson Hall. Applicants are encouraged to join us at the meetings to answer any further questions the Senate may have for us about their events.



One of the conditions for receiving funding from Projects Board is that student groups must credit the Board on all of their advertising and outreach materials. This can be done in written form, or by simply attaching the Projects Board logo to their advertisements. A similar requirement exists for all events funded by ODUS, which also has copies of their logo available for download. To download high resolution copies of our logos, please visit:





Alcohol Initiative: event must be on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night between 10pm and 2am, events that coincide with events that are typically associated with alcohol consumption are also considered


Academic Departments: work with the academic department manager, each has its own deadline


Campus Conversations Fund: for student-sponsored programming around issues of cultural diversity

  • Application: Apply through SAFE.
  • Official Page: https://inclusive.princeton.edu/identity


Carl Fields Student Event/ Program Funding
The Carl A. Fields Center provides financial support for innovative programs and events that promote community and diversity at Princeton University. The Carl A. Fields Center sponsors this fund to facilitate inter-group collaboration in exploring critical issues on campus, including race, class, gender, social justice, civic engagement, sexual orientation, and the historical and current realities that impact the understanding of these topics. http://fieldscenter.princeton.edu/funding/


Carl Fields Student Funding for off Campus Conferences and Cultural Events
The Carl Fields Center will help support students or groups attending off campus events related to the mission and vision of the Carl Fields Center such as conferences and cultural activities. We do no support funding for Study Abroad, fellowships, and internships. http://fieldscenter.princeton.edu/funding/


Princeton Student Events Committee: supports events through securing venues, marketing, and funding, that will help fulfill ODUS’s mission to create an inviting, inclusive community that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration. Programs must be open and accessible to all members of the University and provide a positive learning and/or social experience.

  • Deadline: Proposals should be submitted while the event is still in its planning stages, to increase extent of collaboration.
  • Official Page: http://psec.weebly.com/ OR Contact Amanda Zeltner (azeltner@princeton.edu)


High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund: proposals for startup support of sustainability initiatives using the campus as a living laboratory

  • Deadline: Proposals are accepted at any time and reviewed on a rolling basis. The review process for funding requests can take up to 30 days prior to final approval.
  • Official Page: https://sustain.princeton.edu/lead/funding


ODUS Conference Fund: funding for conferences and events off campus that benefit the greater campus community

  • Deadline: Rolling. Apply through SAFE—the Conference Fund can be found among the off-campus funding opportunities.


Pace Council for Civic Values: supports civic engagement activity that cannot obtain funding through the USG Projects Board. Funding may be allocated to recognized student groups planning an off-campus event, or to unrecognized groups of students planning an on or off-campus event.