Committee Focus: CCA & Vote100

Midterm elections have turned the corner and one Undergraduate Student Government committee can finally take a breather. The Committee on Campus and Community Affairs, otherwise known as CCA, is one of four standing committees in the USG Senate. But what do they do? The main goal of this committee is to foster a community that breaks past the Orange Bubble and corners that define Princeton.

One of their biggest initiatives this year has been Vote100. Vote100 is a campaign to get 100% of undergraduate Princeton students engaged in the civic process of voting in some way this fall midterms. However, Vote100 also spreads awareness about civic engagement in the broad sense: any skill and any passion can make a big difference. The midterm watch party last Tuesday? All thanks to the combined effort of CCA,  the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, and Whig-Clio. CCA committee members worked hard to host the Stand Up and Vote comedy event. They also tabled in Frist everyday to get students registered to vote and take the Vote100 pledge.

This is just one of CCA’s many projects. More recently, they worked with the projects board to facilitate student group funding for Princeton Preview in order to provide a more representative preview experience for incoming freshmen. Any frosh remember the bubble soccer? Brought to you by funding that the Conservation society received through CCA.

CCA goes far beyond the campus, especially in hosting events that promote a relationship between the public, the town, and Princeton. Communiversity is their main event, a big festival hosted in partnership with local organizations. The festival stretches down Nassau street and is one of the largest community arts events in the country, bringing together various artists, student performance groups, restaurants and community arts organizations. This isn’t the only event that connects campus with community. CCA also organizes Restaurant Week every semester. Students are able to enjoy special discounts at various local restaurants. For example, this past spring, Cargot offered a $5 breakfast special to Princeton students.

Currently, members of CCA are striving to see how civic engagement initiatives could continue past elections. They also are looking to provide community service opportunities with the PACE Center.

If you are interested in being a part of CCA, please email Additionally, CCA is always open to feedback or ideas to promote civic engagement.

by Julie Shin ‘22, Communications Committee