Senate Dinner Series: Bob Durkee

Last Sunday night, the Senate was able to get dinner with one of Princeton's esteemed administrators Bob Durkee, who currently serves as the University's vice president and secretary. However, for 40 years, up until February of 2018, Mr. Durkee served as the University's vice president of public affairs. He was able to share with the Senate some of the greatest challenges that Princeton faces regarding its positive and negative reputations in the public sphere, and how he has worked over the years to change the way the public views Princeton as many of the negative stereotypes have never been true, and others have not been true for a long time. He also shared some examples of partnerships with students that have turned into long-term university initiatives, such as the initiative to ensure that all Princeton "gear" was made under fair conditions. Going forward, Mr. Durkee expressed his hope that the changes to Princeton that will be occurring over the next ten years will be accomplished in a manner that promotes unity, and we will certainly be sad to see him leave at the end of this year. Thank you Mr. Durkee for all of your amazing work!