The Year's First USG Meeting

My name is Kade McCorvy and I have the privilege and honor of serving as a Class of 2020
Senator this term. Today I attended my first USG meeting as a sitting member of the Senate.
The meeting was refreshingly informative and productive, even as it was the first meeting
under the Rachel Yee administration. In addition to the Executive Officers, Senators, and U-
Councilors, members of Princeton’s undergraduate population as well as Dean Dunne were in
attendance. The meeting (informally) began with a fun name-game led by Rachel in which we
all definitely left with a great understanding of each other’s names, backgrounds, goals, and
roles in the Senate. Upon formally beginning the meeting, Jonah Hyman, the former
parliamentarian, gave a comprehensive history of USG ruling documents and explanation of
where our powers as a governing body are derived. It was nice to start out with an
understanding of the full capabilities of our power as a Senate, and obtaining the ability to use
this institutional knowledge to take advantage of the time we have in office these two
semesters. Our efforts can be more direct and deliberate now, hopefully mitigating red-tape
distractions and obstructions. Additionally, we had our first official vote in which we approved
the funding for a Mental Health Initiative gathering and spoken-word poetry performance by
Neil Hilborn. We were briefed on this project by two representatives from the MHI and
organizers for the event. I was happy to see a consensus vote on an issue so integral to the
initiatives and strategic plan put forth by Rachel during her presidential run, and also in the
planning sessions and meetings I was able to have with her during Intercession. Following the
vote, members of the senate started introducing their respective Project Groups and Task
Forces and describing the goals they have moving forward this semester. I was so thrilled to
hear so much enthusiasm and pre-planning on the part of the project leaders and members.
We have an array of issues we are looking to tackle this semester and the senate is eagerly
awaiting proposals on how to engage with these topics. Lastly, Rachel and Nate, who presided
over this first meeting, thanked everyone for coming out, discussed the ever-increasing need
for transparency, and challenged us to work hard this term to change the undergraduate’s
perception of USG and become an even more effective body of student representatives. I am
excited to see what Rachel and the Senate, myself included, can accomplish this year.