Weekly Meeting: Resolutions, Confirmations, and More!

by 2021 Senator Elizabeth Bailey

At today’s USG meeting, we voted on a few resolutions, confirmed several various committee members, and discussed the development of different projects. To start, we heard from Olivia Ott about the status of Honor Code reform after she met with the Honor System Review Committee. Although the meeting was highly confidential, she confirmed that it went well and that she answered several questions about reform on behalf of the student body. We then approved funding for the USG retreat this coming weekend and passed a financial report resolution to support the USG Student Group Projects Board throughout the end of the term. This decision came after some discussion that led to the conclusion that the USG usually has extra money at the end of the year and providing money to the Projects Board will be an effective way to dispense it to student groups and put it to good use.

Next, Nick gave a brief overview of this week’s CPUC meeting, including news that new residential colleges will be built along with a new E-Quad and the possible implications of an endowment tax on reducing the operating budget of the University. Then, two student representatives of College Pulse, a Dartmouth app that lets students fill out surveys in exchange for points to win prizes, proposed a potential partnership with USG. We will continue this discussion in the coming weeks. Some of the concerns include student privacy, the anonymity of surveys and the potential for bullying, and the implications of collaborating with something that could become for-profit. Some advantages include the potential for higher election turnout, a better way for students to get survey responses, and a new platform for student interaction at the University.

Finally, to conclude our meeting, we passed a resolution to change the voting procedure on certain issues into a consent agenda. We confirmed Josh Gardner and Casey Kemper as the new MHI Chairs, and approved the following positions:

Liam Glass as Social Chair

Caleb Visser as CCA Chair

Chitra Parikh as Executive Secretary

Emily McLean as Historian

Dora Zhou as Alumni Affairs

Tori Gorton as Director of  Communications

Jonah Hyman as Parliamentarian

We are looking forward to continuing work in our project teams this coming week and continuing to advocate for more diversity among Honor Committee applicants. We also look forward to our leadership training this coming weekend at our retreat.