FLI is Fly Week!

The Princeton Hidden Minority Council (PHMC) recently held its second FLI is Fly week (FLI is a term of identity and solidarity for first generation/low-income Princeton students). The week was filled with socially impactful and recreational events, including a reception, a resource fair, a panel on summer opportunities, and a social event.

One of the most important events of the week was the resource fair, which I attended; various campus organizations, including CPS, Financial Aid, UHS, the SHARE Peers, the Pace Center, and the Carl A. Fields Center, were also present. The resource fair was intended for both FLI and non-FLI students who want to know more about the nature of campus resources.

Furthermore, PHMC’s scope goes well beyond FLI is Fly week. Due to PHMC’s efforts, low-income students can receive move-in stipends. Likewise, PHMC continues to address other inequities faced by FLI students at Princeton; PHMC is currently seeking to expand campus discourse regarding socioeconomic diversity at the University. All in all, PHMC’s work is far from done, and the organization needs the support of all Princetonians to continue to make a difference in the lives of first generation and low-income students.

by Emily McLean '20, USG Historian