Welcome to the new USG website

When I first became interested in joining the USG Senate, I went online to learn more about how USG functions and what USG does, and was met with a general lack of information and resources on the old website. This prompted me to work on USG transparency in my first semester as a senator.

I hope that the new website will shape the way that the student body gets information about USG. The new site features as many of the missing meeting minutes that I could recover for the past number of years, new budget information that USG hasn’t previously made public, a complete list of detailed elections and referenda voting results, information about USG officers and how students can get involved.

Additionally, I’d like to thank all of the people who have worked with me to create this new website, and who have contributed in their own ways to it. I believe that this site will make things easier for students like me, who wanted to learn more about their student government.

Thank you,

Brad Spicher, ’20 Senator