Isabella Bosetti, Projects Board Co-Chair

As Projects Board Co-Chair, I am excited to continue working closely with student groups to bring creative, inclusive events to the whole undergraduate community. The board loves hearing ambitious and offbeat new ideas, so please apply! This Spring I will be focused on improving PBoard's compliance infrastructure, as well as raising community awareness of PBoard's role and funding process. I am a Computer Science concentrator from the beautiful Napa Valley, California. 


Eliot Chen, Projects Board Co-Chair

Hey there! I'm really excited to serve as Projects Board co-chair for the coming year. With your support, I hope to make the Board more transparent and more accessible than ever before. I'm currently working with the Projects Board Chair Emeritus to craft a new Board Charter, and will continue to work with our great team to get you the funds you need to have great events! Outside of USG, I volunteer on the CONTACT Crisis Hotline and work at the Writing Center. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, China - come hang out at one of our student association hot pots!


Joshua Gardner, Mental Health Initiative Co-Chair

I am passionate about mental health reform on campus and am always looking for ways our community could be better about supporting people's mental health needs and encouraging good mental health practices on campus.  One of my major goals for this year is to improve transparency about the “gap year” or “gap semester” process and to provide students with more resources to make it easier to transition in and out of mental health leaves of absence. Aside from being the co-chair of the mental health initiative, I am also an officer in Speak With Style, a club which teaches public speaking skills, and I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a certificate in East Asian studies.  Though I am originally from Glenside, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, I consider Princeton my second home, and I consider working to improve mental health on campus as both a pleasure and a moral responsibility.


Tori Gorton, Director of Communications

Tori is a Freshman in Whitman College from the South West of England and a prospective Politics major. Since joining Princeton, Tori has been involved in Model UN, Princeton Hidden Minority Council, International Relations Committee, and is Treasurer of the British Society. In her role as Director of Communication, Tori will make USG more visible and accessible by expanding its reach and quality of communication as well as engaging the student body in more conversation with USG.


Jonah Hyman, Parliamentarian

I grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas and joined USG in the fall of 2017. At Princeton, I spend my time working at the Writing Center and practicing with the mock trial team. As parliamentarian, my role is to advise USG members and other Princeton undergraduates on Senate rules and procedures. This year, I'll be working to increase recognition and understanding of these rules, since having straightforward and well-defined procedures helps USG establish legitimacy and build trust.


Sydney Jordan, Diversity and Equity Chair

In my second year in the Diversity and Equity Committee, I am excited to move forward as the committee's chair. I hope to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the student groups and centers on campus that represent the diverse backgrounds and identities of our student body. Moreover, the events we plan and promote this year will work to create opportunities for students to engage with and learn about these identities. In addition to USG, I am also a member of the Varsity Women's Basketball team and the Community Service Inter-Club Council. I grew up in Northern Virginia and am a huge fan of the The Office.


Casey Kemper, Mental Health Initiative Co-Chair



Nathan Levit, Princeton Perspective Project Chair


Emily McLean, Historian

I’m Emily McLean, a sophomore from New York and the new USG Historian. I plan to research and archive past USG actions to better inform present and future Princetonians. I’m excited to work with all members of USG to catalog and share the best practices of our own and other student governments. On campus, I climb with the Climbing Team, lead for Outdoor Action, and write for the Nass. 


Jona Mojados, Movie Committee Chair

I am very excited to serve as the USG Movie Committee Chair! The USG Movie committee shows free movies free of charge for Princeton students and we hope to continue serving students with an alternative activity every weekend. My goals as Chair are to show movies that students and love and to work with different groups on campus to have special screenings. Outside of USG, I am an advisor for Matriculate and am a member of Theta and Cap and Gown. I was born in the Philippines and raised in Philadelphia and I am a proud Whitmanite!  


Laura Zecca, Chief Elections Manager

As a new member of USG, I look forward to the opportunity to help further our agenda and maintain open communication with the rest of the Princeton student body. I believe by maintaining this transparency and increasing the clarity of election procedures to ensure fair and smoothly-run elections, more students will be encouraged to participate. In addition to my new position on USG, I am also a member of the women’s varsity lightweight crew team and a Communications officer for the Entrepreneurship Club. I grew up in West Chester, PA, just an hour drive from Philadelphia, though now I go home to Vero Beach, FL.


Dora Zhao, Alumni Affairs Chair

Hello, my name is Dora Zhao, and I will be serving as the Alumni Affairs chair. I am a first-year from Newtown, Pennsylvania— a suburb of Philadelphia—planning to major in the Woodrow Wilson School. Outside of USG, I am a Carl A. Fields Center Fellow and an opinion columnist for the Daily Princetonian. My other interests include food, football, and rap music.