Independent Students Task Force

This task force was created to foster more unity between the dining experiences during upper-class years. We plan to do this by implementing meetings twice a semester between the ICC, Co-op Council, and Independent Students Association will create a method of communication between the groups. In addition to this, a select few co-ops already have meal exchanges with certain eating clubs. Working with the Inter Co-op Council and the ICC, we hope to make this a common practice. Another objective is to work potentially with the transportation task force to create easier methods of transportation to nearby grocery stores, including a platform where students can coordinate trips with each other & organize carpools.

Design Thinking Task Force

The Transparency Task Force works to make information about USG progress, policies, and goals more easily accessible to the student body. We work with the USG historian and previous USG officers to collect documents that have been previously omitted from the website, publish materials that update the student body on the role USG is playing in the campus community, and actively communicate between other task forces and committees to establish clear communications about the goals USG is working towards.

Transportation Task Force

This Task Force will center around transportation. Our first goal will be attempting to have electric scooters brought to campus for the use of students, much like the Zagster bikes. We will also explore options for a partnership between the university and a bus service for transportation to nearby areas during breaks. Our final goal is to work with TigerTransit in making sure their resources are fully utilized by the student body.

Sustainability Task Force

The Sustainability Task Force was formed at the beginning of last semester as a means to bridge the gap that exists between the student body and the administration regarding issues of sustainability. This semester, we aim to continue acting on the priorities of the student body. USG still represents the entirety of the student body on the Princeton Sustainability Committee with a single seat; the task force has allowed us to be more efficient and useful as liaisons between the administration and our peers. During this past semester, we have worked closely with the Office of Sustainability to establish a center of sustainability in Frist. This upcoming semester, the task force aims to cement the university’s commitment to a center, reduce waste at USG events, and increase communication between sustainability-oriented groups. We also plan on working with these groups to press Princeton to meet the goals expressed in the university’s Sustainability Plan released this year as soon as possible.

Transparency Task Force

The Transparency Task force has a goal to making sure the proceedings, projects, infrastructure, and progress of USG are clear and presentable to the public. The task force will keep documents on meetings updated on the USG website, maintain clarity on the electoral procedure, and answer any questions students might have on.

Menstrual Products Project Team

The Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Health project will be focused on raising awareness on campus and engaging with the student body in order to best determine what issues related to sexual misconduct and sexual health affect Princeton students.  The project aims to work on solving and improving the experiences of students both this semester, as well as building the foundation for work by future project teams.

Meditation Space Task Force

The goal of this task force is to investigate the feasibility of establishing a meditation space in the Engineering Quad for students of faith who cannot make it back to Murray-Dodge Hall during the course of their day. In addition to this more immediate goal, the task force will have an additional objective of lobbying for the consideration of students of faith’s needs when designing the campus expansion. One potential avenue to pursue would be the inclusion of meditation rooms in the new residential colleges.