Sustainability Task Force

The Sustainability Task Force will aim to increase environmental sustainability at Princeton both by implementing more sustainable campus practices in partnership with the university administration and by cultivating a spirit of environmental stewardship among the student body. By leveraging USG’s close relationships with key campus administrators, the task force will advance the sustainability goals of various student groups, particularly through high-level policy reforms. In addition to facilitating changes desired by the student body, the task force will also work to increase communication and collaboration among undergraduates involved in sustainability on campus by encouraging in-person and virtual meet-ups.

Indigeneity at Princeton Task Force

The Indigeneity at Princeton Task Force has the broad goal of reconciling Princeton University’s situation on the historic territory of the Leni Lenape with its current practices, which include very low Indigenous enrollment and limited opportunities for the study of Indigenous issues.

Thesis Advisor Search Engine Task Force Proposal

The goal is to create a search engine for rising seniors to look for thesis advisors that fit their unique needs without having to scroll through dozens of different web bios about different advisors in order to find the best match.

Currently, in order to find thesis advisors some students have to scroll through dozens of different paragraphs that detail information about thesis advisor research and expertise. Thereafter, a student determines an advisor who seems like a good fit and approaches them to request to be an advisee. However, there’s a lot of information that a student may not know before they approach an advisor. For example, how much time their advisor is willing to allot to them weekly, how well the advisor has been reviewed by past students, and if the advisor has already reached maximum capacity for student advisees or not. If this information could be captured online in a timely fashion, it would be helpful for students. In addition, if students could skip the long process of digging into different thesis advisor bios through entering simple preferences in a search filter like “religious politics” a thesis topic subfield, and seeing which professors across departments pop up, it would save them time from looking for advisors. The search engine would hopefully address these kinds of problems.

Transparency Task Force

The Transparency Task Force has a goal to making sure the proceedings, projects, infrastructure, and progress of USG are clear and presentable to the public. The task force will keep documents on meetings updated on the USG website, maintain clarity on the electoral procedure, and answer any questions students might have on. Not only that, but also the task force plans to offer a platform to encourage student input on campus life.

Menstrual Products Task Force

The Menstrual Products Project Team is a continuation of the Menstrual Products Project Task Force that led the 2-week menstrual products pilot in Frist two years ago and has been working on campus implementation since 2018. The goal of this task force is to finalize implementation of University-provided menstrual products in academic building restrooms (female, male, and gender-neutral) with the goal of expanding services to student life buildings, residential colleges, and other important space on campus.

Transportation Task Force

This Task Force will center around transportation. Our goals include improving three domains related to student transportation needs:

  1. Daily on-campus transportation, including the role of Zagster bikes, personal bikes and scooters, and possibly electric scooter companies.

  2. Regular off-campus transportation, including access to grocery stores (particularly for independent students), the weekend-shopper bus route, and Enterprise car-share and similar rental programs (i.e. ZipCar)

  3. Irregular off-campus transportation, including the Thanksgiving break buses, airport transportation, and the rarer uses of Uber and Lyft to travel distances greater than a 30-minute ride

Mental Health Task Force

The Mental Health Task Force has two broad goals: (1) collaborate with groups such as the Mental Health Initiative Board to improve mental health awareness initiatives on campus; and (2) examine and address barriers to off-campus mental health access.