Elizabeth Bailey, 2021 Senator

I am so excited to represent the Class of 2021 in the USG this year. I hope to be an advocate for my class and to make the USG accessible to everyone. I also seek to increase mental health resources, women's leadership in the faculty, and textbook availability for students on financial aid. Finally, I would like to help implement changes to the school calendar. Outside of USG, I am a member of the Club Sailing team, a copy editor for the Daily Princetonian, and a member of the Student Volunteers Council. Being from Atlanta, I am a huge fan of college football, Chick-fil-a, and peaches. 


Henry Barrett, U-Councilor

My name is Henry Barrett. I am a freshman from Midland, Texas planning on majoring in Politics. On campus, I am involved with Whig-Clio leadership, the James Madison Program, and the Club Sailing team. For the spring of 2019, I am excited to focus on financial aid reform, making transportation more accessible, as well as improving the transition to college life for freshmen. As U-Councilor, I look forward to advocating for the wide varieties of backgrounds and perspectives that make Princeton the university it is today!


Matt Bomparola, U-Councilor



Tania Bore, 2020 Senator

Hello! My name is Tania Bore. On USG I've worked on restructuring the University Student Life Committee (which I formerly chaired) to be more effective at distributing work loads, created a 40 page student guide where students could view previously more obscure information about all upperclassmen eating options, and brought together a vulnerable student eating population to discuss pathways to strengthening community. I study Public Policy, which is not too far from USG. I'm involved in a Christian fellowship on campus (Alabaster Princeton) and like to sing songs to God wherever I am!


Morgan Carmen, U-Councilor



Isabella Faccone, U-Councilor

My name is Isabella Faccone and I am a sophomore from Chevy Chase Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. I am an engineer planning on majoring in ORFE, with an interest in the intersection between technology and society. I am very excited to represent the student body and work towards creating a more transparent student government, foster meaningful interactions between students and administrators, and hold the administration accountable to the voices of the students. Outside of USG, I am either climbing some rocks with the club rock climbing team and or dancing with Raqs. Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions or project ideas that you would like to put into action! (Some past USG projects have been Wintersession and Thanksgiving busses).


Rachel Hazan, U-Councilor 

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Hazan and I am a sophomore from Bethesda, MD planning to major in the Woodrow Wilson School. In addition to being a U-Councilor in the Senate, I am co-chair of the USG Projects Board — the USG committee that funds student group events. I love being able to work with administrators and students to bring new ideas to campus and improve Princeton. Outside of USG I am on the board of Orange Key (I love giving tours!) and I am the chair of the Whitman College Council. I am so excited for this year!


Andres Larrieu, 2022 Senator

Hi everyone! I’m Andres Larrieu, and I’m from Monterrey, Mexico. I live in Butler, and I’m really excited to be a Senator for the Class of 2022. I’m working to keep USG transparent and accountable, addressing how to make Princeton’s campus more sustainable, and helping all students have the same academic opportunities on campus. Other than USG, I’m in the Butler College Council, I’m an International Leader, and I play ultimate disc with Clockwork. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas or questions!


Ben Press, U-Council Chair

It has been an honor to serve as one of your U-Councilors over this academic year, and I am looking forward to continuing to represent the student body's voice in the Senate and the Council of the Princeton University Community. As a member of both of these bodies, I hope to hold the administration to account on goals that are important to the student body, including mental health reform, following through on the student body's groundbreaking referenda on the Honor Code, and commonsense finance reforms. Moreover, I consider streamlining USG communications and improving our transparency to be a central goal. Outside of USG, I am a tour guide with Orange Key, a member of the Princeton Model United Nations Team, and a co-chair of Butler College Council. I was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.


Aditya Shah, U-Councilor

Hey Princeton!  My name is Aditya Shah, and I am a sophomore in Whitman College.  I am a prospective Economics major from East Windsor, New Jersey.  In addition to serving as your U-Councilor on USG, I am involved with Whitman College Council and Princeton Bhangra.  In my free time, you can catch me playing ping pong and pool in Frist or grabbing some food at late meal.  I am very excited for the year ahead!


Jasman Singh, 2022 Senator

I’m honored and excited to serve on USG this year! I’m from Hightstown, New Jersey(around 20 minutes from campus) and I'm planning on being a WWS major. As a Senator I plan on advocating for better toilet paper(no more half ply!), increased accessibility to textbooks and learning resources for students on financial aid, and more face-time with your elected representatives on USG. On campus I’m involved in E-Club through MakeVenturesPrinceton and I also write for the Opinions Section in the Prince. I’m a proud Forbesian and in my free time, I can be found procrastinating, airballing shots at Dillon, or downing a burrito bowl at late meal.


Nancy Wenger, U-Councilor

Hi! I'm Nancy, a senior in the Molecular Biology Department and a U-Councilor this year. As a U-Councilor I want to help USG be approachable and serve as a strong link between the student body and the administration. I'm passionate about the arts and sustainability and I look forward to serving on task forces targeting those areas. When I'm not working on USG related matters, I'm dancing with Princeton University Ballet and BodyHype Dance Company or working in the lab.


Wendy Zhao, U-Councilor

Hi everyone! I am a junior from New York City majoring in Economics. Since joining USG as a U-Councilor in my sophomore year, I have had the honor to work with fellow members of the Senate to put together meaningful projects like the Menstruation Products Project, Wintersession, and Thanksgiving Buses. I hope to continue participating in projects that help make campus a better place, so please feel free to each out with any thoughts or suggestions. Outside of USG, I am a part of the Asian American Students Association and I also volunteer with the Young Scholars' Institute.


Kevin Zheng, 2021 Senator

I am very excited to serve on USG this year. As a class senator, I hope to ensure that USG is both transparent and accessible. I hope to leverage my experiences in policy-making to effectively relay and represent the needs of the great class of 2021! Outside of USG, I run a startup, try to travel as much as possible, and fence. I was born in China but was raised a proud Canadian and now happily live in Rocky.


Andy Zheng, 2020 Senator

I’m a Woody Woo with a slightly nomadic lifestyle. I want to be in USG because I’m interested in policymaking and addressing areas of improvement on campus. My current goals for USG would be to increase the availability and publicity of research positions and other opportunities. Overall, I would like to address disparities on campus and make the student experience better.